Largest Settlement of Patent Infringement Case in the U.S.

In January 2010, our client, the cardiac device unit of a Fortune 50 medical device manufacturer, was awarded $1.725 billion in the largest settlement of any patent infringement case in the United States. This settlement was part of a long-fought patent battle over a state-of-the-art coronary stent device which revolutionized interventional cardiology. For over a decade, the firm had been enforcing our client’s pioneering patent -- the original patent on the balloon expandable stent. The principal defendant in this case was a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, which in 2008 paid a judgment of over $700 million for damages caused by its first generation stent. In 2005, we proved the defendant’s latest stents, including its drug eluting stent, also infringed our client’s patents. We largely defeated the defendant’s countersuits -- four different patents.

Since the first case was filed in 1994, we won many trials and arbitrations on behalf of our client, leading to a number of large settlements. Individually, those other settlements are numbers 6, 7 and 10 on the top 10 list of largest patent settlements. Combined, the firm has obtained over $3.6 billion for our client -- four of the top 10 patent settlements ever -- which approximately equals the amount that our client has earned selling stents.

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