Significant Victory in Case Involving Corporate and Economic Espionage

In September 2014, the firm won a significant victory for our client, a Fortune 500 provider of content and analytics for global capital, commodities, and commercial markets, in a nearly five year old litigation brought in federal court in New York by our opponent, a global publishing and information company. Our opponent alleged violations of the RICO Act, the Sherman Act, the Lanham Act, and myriad state law claims as a result of our client’s construction division’s alleged improper access to our opponent’s database for construction project information. In 2010, the Court dismissed our opponent’s RICO claims. In September 2014, the Court dismissed all but one of our opponent’s remaining claims, leaving only a limited version of its unfair competition claim. Then, in October 2014, our opponent agreed to drop the limited unfair competition claim that survived — giving our client a complete dismissal of all claims in the district court. In January 2016, the Second Circuit affirmed the district court’s summary judgment decision resulting in a complete victory for our client.