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Craig Newman will Present Webinar on “How the Cybersecurity Executive Order Impacts Today’s IT Risk Strategy”

On Tuesday, June 6th, Craig Newman will co-present a webinar with Steven Grossman, VP of Strategy and Enablement at Bay Dynamics, entitled, "How the Cybersecurity Executive Order Impacts Today’s IT Risk Strategy".

Two events in a single month recently reshaped the cyber-security landscape – the President’s Cybersecurity Executive Order and a massive ransomware attack that struck countless organizations worldwide. At their core, these headlines span common unresolved matters that affect nearly every practitioner in the cybersecurity field. This webinar will cover:

  • The must-know takeaways of the latest Cybersecurity Executive Order
  • Related findings from the recently released report – A Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Pro
  • How private and public organizations can apply specific practices that directly enable more effective prioritization of asset-based IT risk

For additional information, please visit the event website.