Out at Patterson


Out at Patterson is a resource group for LGBTQ+ attorneys at Patterson Belknap. We meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues of common interest, to foster a sense of community, to socialize as colleagues, and to assist in the firm's efforts to recruit, retain and promote qualified LGBTQ+ attorneys.

Our Pro Bono Service and Scholarship

Patterson Belknap has a strong record of pro bono service and scholarship on behalf of LGBTQ+ clients and related concerns. Our work has included:

  • Numerous successful representations of LGBTQ+ refugees in the United States seeking asylum because of persecution in their home countries.
  • Preparation of comprehensive analyses of disparate tax treatment of same sex spouses in light of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Numerous articles published by Patterson Belknap attorneys regarding treatment of same sex spouses and partners, and related presentations
  • Patterson Belknap was recognized by The American Lawyer as the law firm with the highest percentage of LGBTQ+ attorneys in the 2020 “National Law Journal LGBT Scorecard.”

Our Leadership

David Glaser Employee Benefits Attorney Patterson Belknap

"I have found Patterson Belknap to be very welcoming of its LGBTQ+ attorneys and staff since my arrival in 1985. In addition to my involvement with Out at Patterson, I also chair our Benefits Committee, where we strive, in all our employee benefit arrangements, to recognize the needs of our LGBTQ+ employees. As an employee benefits lawyer, I have been grateful to be able to work to design programs intended to provide for the fairest available treatment of same-sex spouses, domestic partners and their children, and to work toward changes in the law to benefit LGBTQ+ families."

David M. Glaser, Partner and Co-Chair, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Group
Chair, Out at Patterson

"Patterson Belknap fosters an inclusive and affirming work environment for lawyers, staff and their families. The support of our LGBTQ+ colleagues is reflected in our work, our policies and our firm culture. We believe this diversity broadens our understanding of clients' needs and enables us to deliver superior service."

Richard R. Upton, Of Counsel, Tax Group

Our Community

"Patterson Belknap's inclusive atmosphere, which has always warmly welcomed my partner and me, is why I'm here. I believe genuine progress on LGBTQ+ issues takes more than just policies. In my experience, Patterson Belknap strives to take these extra steps."

Karen R. Berry

"I came to Patterson Belknap in part because of its outstanding, decades-long commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.  My time here has only cemented my view that the Firm is among the best places to be a queer lawyer.  From my colleagues, to the work we do and the organizations we support, Patterson Belknap has not just been welcoming to people like me—it has been an ally and support system."

Brandon Trice
Associate, Class of 2012

"Thanks to Patterson’s commitment to hiring and promoting diverse lawyers I am able to work with and be mentored by LGBTQ+ colleagues, which is an experience I thought I would not have while working in Big Law. Seeing my identity, both as a queer person and as a woman, reflected in my mentors and in the leadership of the Firm, changes how I think about my career and shows me each day why representation matters."

Margo Watson
Associate, Class of 2017