Parents at Patterson

Parents at Patterson serves as a source of connection and community support for parents (and parents-to-be) across the Firm. This resource group provides a forum for discussion and information-sharing on important topics relevant to working parents, including, among many others: childcare, education and general shared parenting advice; career advancement and professional development; financial and estate planning for families; elder care responsibilities; and managing parental leave and flexible work schedules. Parents at Patterson supports the Firm’s core value of Inclusion, and our commitment to maintaining a workplace of support, civility, and mutual respect, while encouraging professional and personal growth for all of us.

I have experienced first-hand Patterson Belknap’s commitment to ensuring a supportive environment for working parents. Patterson is a great place for families, and provides the support and resources necessary for working parents to succeed both in and outside of work. This commitment comes from the top and is reflected in our parental leave and flexible work arrangement policies, as well as the support and mentorship of other working parents.”

Jason Vitullo
Partner and Co-Chair, Parents at Patterson

In my capacity as Patterson Belknap’s Chief Financial Officer, I’m responsible for managing Firm finances and keeping the trains in accounting running on time – not entirely dissimilar from what I do at home as a mother to two young girls! The encouragement and support I’ve received from the Firm has been unparalleled and has allowed me to grow in my career and prioritize time with my daughters.”

Theresa Wilson
Controller and Co-Chair, Parents at Patterson