Patterson Attorneys of Color

Patterson Belknap is committed to employing a diverse workforce of attorneys and staff. We consider a diverse workforce to include people of all social, racial, economic and cultural backgrounds. The firm also believes that a diverse group of legal talent provides the most substantial, thorough and comprehensive representation for any client.

PAC is one of the firm's resources for cultivating an environment that enables attorneys of color to develop skills and grow as lawyers. PAC was formed in 2001 in part to help enhance the sense of community among attorneys of color, and provide an important way for them to connect with each other and the world outside the firm.

PAC attorneys meet formally once a month to discuss issues of common interest, to foster a sense of community and to socialize as colleagues. In addition, PAC assists the firm with the recruitment, retention and promotion of attorneys of color to enhance workplace diversity. Its members sit on both the hiring and diversity committees.

Our Community

"What makes Patterson an especially pleasant environment to work at is the firm's recognition that our different backgrounds allow us to make unique contributions to the practice of law and add to the character of the firm."

Muhammad Faridi

"One of Patterson’s hallmark features and secrets to its continued success is that colleagues at all levels value each other’s thoughtful analysis and careful work. It is a true professional home where junior attorneys work hand in hand with dedicated and encouraging peers and partners to deliver the best possible work for the client while honing the skills that will make them better lawyers."

Gabriela Bersuder
Class of 2014

"Patterson’s unstinting reputation is not hyperbole – the firm gently guides and fosters attorneys of all backgrounds not only in their professional development, but in all their pursuits of intellectual passion. Given the firm’s commitment to fostering both its community and each individual’s unique talents, it has been an exciting and rewarding place to begin my legal career."

Terra Hittson
Class of 2014