Our commitment to a diverse workplace begins with the recruitment of women and minority law clerks, lateral attorneys, and 3L law school students. We present informative programs about legal opportunities at Patterson Belknap and in the profession more broadly, and engage with interested law school students who are thinking about working in a law firm following a judicial clerkship. We also encourage applications from lateral associates of color and other diverse backgrounds.

As a part of our recruiting efforts, we constantly seek candidates who not only distinguish themselves through their accomplishments, but who have interesting life and work experiences. We welcome you to take the time to ask questions and to get to know us. At Patterson Belknap, we make every effort to retain and promote people who will contribute their myriad talents and backgrounds to create a successful firm of which we can be proud.

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Judicial Clerkships Podcast: Perspectives on Value, Experience and Diversity

Judicial clerkships are an excellent way for law school graduates to build upon their legal training and become immersed in the practice of law. It isn’t always easy to get the inside scoop on why clerking is beneficial, though, or how to apply for and obtain a prized judicial clerkship. Patterson Belknap’s podcast, Judicial Clerkships: Perspectives on Value, Experience and Diversity, aims to demystify the application process and help expand the pipeline of applicants for clerkships. The podcast features discussions with current and former Patterson Belknap partners, counsel, and associates from a variety of backgrounds who served as judicial clerks, providing their diverse perspectives on the clerkship experiences, and why a law student or lawyer might decide to apply for (and how they can benefit from) a clerkship. The podcast also explores the logistics around the application process, including some of the steps you can take to position yourself for success.

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