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Nonprofits Take on the COVID-19 Crisis: Starting a New Charitable Organization

As we have previously reported, charitable organizations and employers are able to play an important role in providing disaster relief in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  During this crisis, individuals may be seeking new ways to help, including by starting new charitable organizations.  We describe below some alternatives to consider before forming a new charity, as well as a high-level summary of the necessary steps to form a new charitable organization. 


A Minute Guide to Minutes

Among the many elements of corporate housekeeping and compliance that demand the time and attention of directors and officers (and staff), minutes often seem like a burden.  No one doubts that minutes matter.  A well-documented board meeting creates an important historical record that can guide future deliberations and may prove useful during Board disagreements, litigation, Attorney General investigations, other governmental enforcement actions, or an audit by the IRS.  However, clients often nervously ask whether there is a legal standard regarding how much detail minutes should contain.