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  • Keeping Section 5 Alive: The FTC Brings Suit Against D-Link The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has filed suit against Taiwan-based D-Link Corporation and D-Link Systems, Inc. (collectively, “D-Link”), manufacturers and sellers of home networking devices including routers, cameras, baby monitors, and video recorders.  The lawsuit claims that D-Link failed to take reasonable steps to protect its devices from known and foreseeable risks of unauthorized access.... More
  • Cybersecurity 2017: Top Exam Priorities for Federal Securities Regulators Hedge funds and broker dealers can expect their cybersecurity preparedness to come under scrutiny again this year by federal securities regulators. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced yesterday that the agency will continue to focus its 2017 examination efforts on cybersecurity issues. In announcing its exam priorities, the agency’s Office of Compliance Inspections and... More
  • This Week: SCG 2017 Legislative Forum Tackles Patterson Belknap partner Craig A. Newman will participate in a panel discussion titled “Privacy & Cybersecurity: Policy & Legal Frameworks for a New Future” at the State Capital Group’s 2nd annual Legislative Forum this week in Washington, D.C. The panel will examine the policy and legal frameworks needed to deal with emerging issues at the... More
  • LabMD’s 11th Circuit FTC Appeal: The Opening Shot Firing the opening salvo in its appeal of one of the most controversial data security decisions by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in years, LabMD accused the agency of overstepping its authority and “destroy[ing] [the] small medical testing company” in the process. On December 27, LabMD filed its opening brief in support of its appeal... More
  • DFS Announces “Updated” Cybersecurity Regulation Today, the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) announced an “updated” cybersecurity regulation that will go into effect on March 1, 2017.  The updated regulation is, in many respects, less stringent than the DFS’s original proposal.  As a reminder, in September of this year, the DFS announced a far-reaching and unprecedented cybersecurity regulation that covers... More
  • Indictment Issued in Law Firm Hacks In what New York’s top federal prosecutor called a “wake-up call for law firms around the world,” three Chinese citizens have been charged with hacking into the servers of two prominent – but unidentified – international law firms to steal confidential client information in connection with pending M&A deals. Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for... More
  • Sources Say: The DFS Will Delay Its New Cybersecurity Regulation Today, Reuters reported that the New York Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) will delay the effective date of its new cybersecurity regulation.  According to a “person familiar with the matter,” the DFS will publish a new version of the cyber security regulation on December 28, 2016, and the effective date for the rule will now... More
  • Uber Riders: Choosing Convenience or Privacy In a recent update to its widely used application, Uber has implemented a change in location settings that some users are not happy about.  Before the update, users could limit Uber’s ability to track their location to “only while using app.”  But the new update strips users of that option.  To use the updated app,... More
  • NYS Cyber Regulation Gets Drubbing by Industry Groups in Albany Industry groups continued their assault yesterday on New York’s “first-in-the-nation” cybersecurity regulation by telling state lawmakers that the proposed regime was inflexible and unfairly burdened smaller institutions. At a public hearing of the New York Assembly Standing Committee on Banks in Albany, industry representatives harped on the fact that the proposed regulation – currently slated... More
  • What A Breach: More Than 1 Billion Yahoo! User Accounts Compromised On Wednesday, Yahoo! disclosed that more than 1 billion of its users’ personal information was exposed in a newly discovered cyber-attack, making it the largest data breach reported to date.  The breach apparently took place in August of 2013. This news comes just months after Yahoo! publically confirmed that in late 2014 a “state-sponsored” hacker... More