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Facebook Warrant Case: Stark Debate and a Divided Court

We previously posted about a case before the New York Court of Appeals that concerned whether Facebook has the legal standing to challenge search warrants seeking its users’ data.  In April, the court sided with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and rejected Facebook’s challenge.  The three opinions by the judges—particularly the concurrence by Judge Jenny Rivera—provide insight into this evolving area of law.


Uber Riders: Choosing Convenience or Privacy

What Consumers Should Know About Uber’s New Location Settings

In a recent update to its widely used application, Uber has implemented a change in location settings that some users are not happy about.  Before the update, users could limit Uber’s ability to track their location to “only while using app.”  But the new update strips users of that option. 


When Using a Computer Becomes a Crime, Part Two: ACLU, Facebook Weigh In on Ninth Circuit’s Answer

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (“EFF”) and the American Civil Liberties Union (“ACLU”) have weighed in on Facebook’s high-profile dispute with a social media aggregation company over whether it had unlawfully accessed Facebook’s computers.  The EFF and ACLU warned the Ninth Circuit that the panel’s ruling for Facebook risks chilling important investigations and makes “potential criminals out of millions of ordinary Americans on the basis of innocuous online behavior.”  The case is Facebook, Inc. v. Power Ventures, Inc., No. 13-17102. 


A Long Road Ahead: Data Privacy and the Self-Driving Car

America has had a longstanding love affair with the automobile, as a manifestation of innovation and independence.  The next chapter is likely the advent of the (fully or partially) autonomous vehicle.


On the Move and At Risk: Safeguards for Mitigating Mobile Device Vulnerabilities While Traveling Overseas

Employees use their smartphones as a key tool for accessing information during a work day – especially when outside the office and traveling on business.  While smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices may increase productivity by facilitating work flow and communications, a wireless mobile device and related data may be exploited by cybercriminals, and this risk increases significantly when overseas.  Organizations often overlook this increased vulnerability to business, customer, and client data when personnel use their mobile devices to conduct business while travelling outside the United States.  Organizations can mitigate the risk of compromising confidential information, intellectual property, and other sensitive data by adopting best practices for personnel travelling in other countries.


The Paper Trail: The Potential Data-Breach Sitting in your Printer

In April 2016, the sensitive personal medical information of NFL players was stolen from the car of a trainer who had left the files in a backpack in his locked car.  In 2014, Safeway, Inc. settled charges brought by the State of California stemming from an investigation concerning the improper disposal of hard copies of customer information.  In 2014, an insurance company was exposed when maintenance workers who were supposed to move four boxes of member records between floors, instead threw them out.  In 2011, sensitive information regarding an NYPD task force was found in a Manhattan trash can.


What’s Next for the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield?

With European regulators continuing to debate the current proposal for the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, the fate of the new trans-Atlantic data framework is becoming murkier by the day.  Rapprochement may still be a possibility, but over the past week, we have seen parties on both sides preparing for an extended fight.  The Privacy Shield is one of the most significant issues in global cybersecurity today.


Are You Adequately Protected by Your Cybersecurity Insurance? The Sky is the Sub-Limit

For businesses and nonprofit organizations searching for cyber insurance, it is important to know if your coverage limits are adequate.  Whether you are in the market for a new policy or renewing an existing one, you should explore whether your policy has a “sub-limit” that places limitations on your losses and liabilities that may be covered.