Major corporate transactions have far-reaching consequences for companies. Ensuring that the legal team representing you is prepared to handle the work involved, skilled enough to secure the desired benefits and avoid potential problems, and savvy enough to negotiate the best terms, is critical to the result. That's why companies from Fortune 500 companies to closely-held entities turn to Patterson Belknap for their M&A deals. We are a full service M&A practice with the ability to support all aspects of a deal, including antitrust, real estate, employment and human services, intellectual property, tax, employee benefits and executive compensation, and creditors’ rights and litigation. We represent clients in a broad range of domestic and cross-border merger and acquisition transactions, including:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions of privately held companies;
  • Acquisitions and dispositions of public companies;
  • Acquisitions and dispositions of divisions, subsidiaries and substantial assets;
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances; and
  • Transactions led by strategic (operating companies) and financial (private equity) investors.

Patterson Belknap lawyers bring to the table a wealth of practical, problem solving experience, an attention to detail, an ability to propose creative solutions to the issues that arise in doing deals, and the commitment to devote the time and resources necessary to close the deal on schedule.

Our clients know that Patterson Belknap partners lead every step of the way, the primary deal team remains intact throughout the deal, and legal experience in areas that may be needed to support the deal (including antitrust, SEC registration and reporting, real estate, employment and human resources, intellectual property, tax, employee benefits and executive compensation, creditors' rights and litigation) is effectively and efficiently integrated and managed.

For example, the Firm’s intellectual property attorneys play a significant role in many M&A transactions, including performing intellectual property due diligence; negotiating intellectual property representations and warranties; and resolving problems raised by licensing, distribution, and other related agreements.

While many mergers and acquisitions are straightforward sales or purchases of an entity, a product line, equity or assets, it is also common for transactions to have a variety of contingent components, such as the sale of a product line and the license of certain of its manufacturing technology, or a restructuring or consolidation before or after the transaction. In other cases, the deal team must address issues such as tax liabilities or severance packages for personnel who will not be part of the team going forward. In many instances, cross-border elements involve working closely with law firms around the world. Our attorneys coordinate effectively to handle these issues as seamless elements of the transaction.

While Patterson Belknap has the experience and resources to handle virtually any type of M&A transaction, regardless of structure, industry or complexity, we have particular experience with acquisitions and dispositions of privately held companies and acquisitions and dispositions with a cross-border component. Our clients benefit from this in many ways, from realizing cost efficiencies to capitalizing on our in-depth understanding of the issues that arise in private M&A transactions.

Our attorneys are also skilled in acquisitions of distressed companies and transactions with distressed parties. We handle acquisitions of distressed companies or their assets both in and out of Chapter 11 proceedings and our attorneys frequently counsel clients on structuring domestic and cross-border transactions to avoid or minimize risks resulting from the subsequent insolvency or bankruptcy of the distressed party.