Firm Client Cemusa Secures Lucrative City Contract

October 5, 2005

Our client Cemusa, Inc. secured one of the most lucrative city contracts ever awarded, with a value of $1 billion over 20 years. New York City officials recently announced that they had selected Cemusa to provide aesthetic order to thousands of bus shelters and newsstands and install 20 freestanding public toilets on city streets. Cemusa, the North American subsidiary of a Spanish advertising conglomerate, was chosen over four other companies, including industry leaders like JCDecaux, which tested public toilets in the city in 1992. Cemusa would install the "street furniture" amenities without charge, and pay a fee, in exchange for the city's permission to sell advertising on the bus shelters, newsstands and public toilets. Although these would be the first American toilets for Cemusa, the company has installed hundreds of them throughout Spain and Latin America in the past decade. The company has also built bus shelters in Boston, Miami and San Antonio. This story generated great press, including an article in The New York Times on September 22. The firm will represent Cemusa in connection with negotiating the final terms of the agreement with the city, and the overall implementation of the street furniture initiative.