Patterson Belknap Launches Blog On New York Commercial Division Decisions

December 1, 2016

Patterson Belknap is pleased to announce the launch of, a source for insights and developments related to practice in the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court.  

This blog reviews key developments in the Commercial Division, including important decisions handed down by the Commercial Division and appellate court decisions reviewing Commercial Division decisions.  The blog also covers changes and proposed changes to Commercial Division rules and practice, including revisions to the rules since January 2015.  (Click here to access the User’s Guide to Recent Revisions.)  The Commercial Division was formed in 1993 to enhance the quality of judicial adjudication and to improve efficiency in the case management of commercial disputes that are litigated in New York State courts.  Since then, the Division has become a leading venue for judicial resolution of high-stakes and every-day commercial disputes.    

The blog is led by Stephen P. Younger, a Patterson Belknap litigation partner and former President of the New York State Bar Association, and Muhammad U. Faridi, counsel at Patterson Belknap with significant commercial litigation experience.  According to Mr. Younger, “Our aim is to provide readers with thoughtful and succinct analysis of the issues, while also keeping readers up-to-date on changes to the Commercial Division’s rules.