Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler in the News

May 14, 2003

Saul Shapiro, litigation partner, is quoted in The New York Times (May 6) in an article, "N.Y. Judge Denies News Groups' Challenge." After a group of news organizations for which Saul is the lawyer was denied access to sealed records, Saul said: 'We take the view that the truth-seeking process would be advanced by permitting the press and the public to know what was happening in the courtroom,' said Saul B. Shapiro, the media outlets' chief lawyer in the case."

Peter Schaeffer, corporate partner, is quoted in Business Finance: Winning Strategies for CFOs in the article, "The Boom in Governance Advisory Services" dealing with the Sarbanes Oxley Act: 'There's no doubt that public companies will face higher compliance costs this year,' says Peter J. Schaeffer, a partner with law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP in New York City. Yet he believes companies that enjoy established relationships with their external auditors and outsourced legal counsel will experience more modest fee increases than will organizations lacking such connections. 'External legal advisers and accounting firms are covering this ground with all their public-company clients,' Schaeffer says, 'and they should be able to leverage that heightened compliance expertise across their client base'."

David Dobbins was quoted in an April 27 article of The New York Times. The article, entitled "Dog Owners Are Fighting the Yoke of Oppression," Dave commented on the leash law in Riverside Park which is more strict than in Central Park. "'This is discriminatory,' said David F. Dobbins, who is representing the dog owners pro bono. 'Why should the rules be any different?'"

Firm alumnus Dick Parsons is the focus of the cover story of this week's Business Week. The article, which discusses how Dick can set and maintain a positive direction for AOL Time Warner mentions the firm by name twice and once references the firm as an "elite" firm and also quotes firm Partner Douglas Barzelay (identifying him as GC at the Dime under Parsons).