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New York State Unified Court System Adopts New Rules and Guidelines For E-Discovery

On April 11, 2022, the New York State Unified Court System will adopt additional rules and guidelines for Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”).  As we explained in our earlier post on these changes, “[t]he goal of the revisions is to address e-discovery in a more consolidated way, modify the rules for clarity and consistency, expand the rules to address important ESI topics consistent with the CPLR and caselaw.”


Commercial Division Appoints Special Discovery Master In Lieu of Judicial Hearing Officer

In a recent order, Justice Andrea Masley assigned a special discovery master to supervise discovery in Hindlin v. Prescriptions Songs LLC, et al., a “complex commercial action” with a “multitude of discovery issues[.]” The decision underscores the constraints placed on the Commercial Division in light of the ongoing pandemic and cuts to the budget of the state’s judiciary.