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Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Commercial Litigation in New York's Commercial Division

In a new, practical, on-demand CLE webcast from our partner Bloomberg BNA, Commercial Division Blog authors Stephen P. Younger, Muhammad U. Faridi, and Benjamin F. Jackson provide in-house counsel and litigators in private practice with advice on how to litigate commercial disputes in New York state court with an eye toward reducing costs and minimizing the time required to reach resolution.

During this live webinar, Younger, Faridi, and Jackson cover:

  • How to take advantage of unique features of the Commercial Division’s rule to reduce the costs and uncertainty of litigating New York-based commercial disputes.
  • The Commercial Division’s accelerated adjudication procedures, which allow parties to agree to have their suit adjudicated on an accelerated basis, with limited discovery, no interlocutory appeals, and a bench trial within nine months.
  • Advantages to being placed on the Commercial Division’s Large Complex Case List, which provides for enhanced case management procedures and additional attention for cases worth over $50 million or that are complex and important.
  • The Commercial Division’s e-discovery protocols and cost-shifting rules.
  • Strategies for using motion practice to resolve cases expeditiously.
  • How to take advantage of the Division’s mediation program and other methods of trying to resolve business disputes.
  • Options for reducing the costs of trial, including summary jury trials and trial by referee.
  • How to approach and plan for appeals, including interlocutory appeals.
  • New York courts’ use of mediators to negotiate settlements to commercial disputes.

We invite you to access the webcast here.