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New High-Tech Courtroom Opens in Westchester County Commercial Division

The Westchester County Commercial Division has launched a new state-of-the-art courtroom at the White Plains Courthouse.  The Integrated Courtroom Technology (ICT) part is outfitted with high-tech features designed to ease the handling of complex commercial cases and enhance the presentation of evidence.

Capabilities of the ICT part include a tech-based evidence system allowing attorneys to display physical and electronic evidence to courtroom participants in a controlled fashion, and witnesses to annotate the evidence.  The courtroom also features advanced audio-recording equipment, real-time court reporting capabilities for instantaneous voice-to-text transcription, assistive-listening aids for hearing-impaired individuals, and audio-visual conferencing capabilities, among other features.

The ICT part in White Plains is the second high-tech courtroom to open in Westchester County.  In a press release announcing the courtroom’s opening, Ninth Judicial District Administrative Judge Alan D. Scheinkman, who led the launch of the new high-tech courtroom for the Westchester County Commercial Division and himself sits as a Commercial Division Judge, observed:  “Keeping New York’s pioneering Commercial Division at the cutting edge, the newly initiated ICT part in White Plains will enable more efficient, effective case management in complicated business disputes, better serving the justice needs of New York’s business community and supporting the State’s role as a global commercial hub.”

It is expected that other high-tech parts will be coming to courtrooms in other Judicial Districts soon.

By Jordan M. Engelhardt and Stephen P. Younger