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New Justice Assigned to Hear Commercial Division’s International Arbitration Matters

Following Justice Charles Ramos’s retirement from the Commercial Division at the end of last year, commercial practitioners have awaited an announcement reallocating responsibility for the Division’s international arbitration matters.  Since 2013, all international arbitration cases filed in the Commercial Division—including those arising under CPLR Article 75 and the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. § 1 et seq.—had been assigned to Justice Ramos as part of an effort to establish a dedicated part specializing in the international arbitration field.

Earlier this month, Hon. Deborah Kaplan, the Administrative Judge for the New York County Supreme Court, announced that Justice Saliann Scarpulla would replace Justice Ramos and assume the added responsibility of managing the Commercial Division’s international arbitration docket.  Pursuant to an administrative order, all newly filed international arbitration matters will be assigned to Part 39 for further proceedings.  Justice Scarpulla also will maintain her regular docket.

The Administrative Judge’s announcement affirms the Supreme Court’s commitment to encouraging use of the Commercial Division as a leading venue for complex global commercial disputes.  The Commercial Division will be able to draw on Justice Scarpulla’s many years of experience in complex commercial litigation. 

By Ian C. Kerr and Stephen P. Younger