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Patterson Belknap Publishes an Updated, Second Edition of the New York Commercial Division Practice Guide

Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP is pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of its New York Commercial Division Practice Guide.  As with the first edition, the guide is organized into various chapters drafted by Patterson Belknap lawyers.  Each chapter contains useful information about litigating in the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court, and an excerpt is available to download here.

Patterson Belknap’s practice guide serves as a resource for both seasoned and junior practitioners who find themselves involved in a Commercial Division lawsuit.  It highlights the history, purpose, and evolution of the Commercial Division; the rules governing practice in the Division; new and innovative programs instituted by the court; and key differences between practice in the Commercial Division and in federal court.

The second edition has been updated to reflect rule changes and noteworthy decisions by the Commercial Division as well as appellate court decisions reviewing Commercial Division cases.  The second edition also has a new foreword from former New York County Commercial Division Justice Eileen Bransten.

The practice guide, co-edited by Stephen P. Younger and Muhammad U. Faridi and published by Bloomberg Law, is available online to Bloomberg Law subscribers here.

By Michael Farinacci, Muhammad U. Faridi, and Stephen P. Younger