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Patterson Belknap Publishes New York Commercial Division Practice Guide

Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP announced on November 20, 2017, the publication of its New York Commercial Division Practice Guide.  This new publication is part of Bloomberg Law's Litigation Practice Portfolio Series, and an excerpt is available to download at:  The guide is organized into various chapters drafted by Patterson Belknap lawyers, containing useful information about litigating in the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court.

The New York Commercial Division was formed in 1993 to enhance the quality of judicial adjudication and to improve efficiency in the case management of commercial disputes that are litigated in New York State courts.  The Division now operates in commercial regions across the State.  In order to streamline the litigation process in the Division, and to harmonize practice across the State, the New York State Court system promulgated a set of uniform rules for the Division that have been updated from time to time.  The Division has become a leading venue for judicial resolution of high-stakes and run-of-the-mill commercial disputes.

Patterson Belknap’s practice guide serves as a resource for both seasoned and junior practitioners who find themselves involved in a Commercial Division lawsuit.  It highlights the history, purpose, and evolution of the Commercial Division; the rules governing practice in the court; new and innovative programs instituted by the court; and key differences between practice in the Commercial Division and federal court.

“Even though many practitioners have substantial experience in arbitration or litigation in other courts, they often find the Commercial Division difficult to navigate.  They must regularly consult multiple sources in order to find an answer to a simple procedural question.  We believe that this practice guide will serve as a comprehensive resource, aiding litigants in understanding the evolving landscape for commercial litigation in New York,” said Stephen P. Younger, a partner at Patterson Belknap.  Mr. Younger is a Past President of the New York State Bar Association and is a member of the Commercial Division Advisory Council.

Mr. Younger spearheaded the publication of the New York Commercial Division Practice Guide with Muhammad U. Faridi, a partner at Patterson Belknap with significant experience in commercial litigation.  According to Mr. Faridi, “although there are several publications that provide guidance on the substantive law governing commercial disputes in New York, there is no similar monograph that comprehensively sets forth a practical guide for the Commercial Division.  This publication seeks to resolve that issue.”

Mr. Younger and Mr. Faridi also publish the New York Commercial Division Blog, which reviews key developments in the Commercial Division, including important opinions handed down by the Division, appellate decisions reviewing Commercial Division decisions, and changes and proposed changes to Commercial Division rules and practices.

Former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, who authored a foreword to the publication, commented: “The Commercial Division is the crown jewel of New York’s court system.  This new guide to the Commercial Division will be an invaluable aid to attorneys from all walks of legal practice in handling commercial cases in the Division.”

The practice guide, authored by Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP and published by Bloomberg Law, is available online to Bloomberg Law subscribers here.