Representative Experience

Our recent experience includes advising clients with respect to the following:

  • An NYSE-listed company and its senior management in an internal investigation and litigation related to the identity of a hacker who unlawfully acquired and disclosed confidential and proprietary corporate information;
  • Representation of a university in connection with a data breach that resulted in hundreds of highly-confidential documents being leaked to a local newspaper and stories being run on the basis of the leaked materials;
  • A Fortune 100 company in assessing and implementing public disclosures with respect to cybersecurity and data protection risk factors;
  • The board of directors of a leading hospitality company in a shareholders’ derivative action in federal court over a series of security breaches;
  • A prominent asset manager in a data breach response and subsequent investigation relating to “Business Email Compromise,” fraudulent Automated Clearing House wire transfers and violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act;
  • A non-profit organization in an investigation into a DDos attack of its content management system, illegal content transfers and violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act;
  • Asset managers and investment advisers in responding to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s 2015 Cyber Risk Alert;
  • Hedge funds in establishing and implementing overall data security plans;
  • A New York-based financial institution concerning its rights and remedies against a national retailer and credit card companies in the aftermath of a major data breach;
  • A financial services entity in a major litigation involving allegations of corporate espionage and trade secret misappropriation;
  • Representation of the board of directors of an NYSE-listed financial institution in implementing cybersecurity preparedness plans and protocols;
  • Assist clients in multiple sectors with analyzing, negotiating and implementing safeguards with respect to third-party vendor relationships;
  • A leading financial firm in a misappropriation of trade secret information claim;
  • A university in investigating a cyber-attack on a data base that contained sensitive information and in addressing the legal and regulatory consequences;
  • An executive and his team in response to alleged trade secret misappropriation following their departure from a top financial institution;
  • A corporation in a trade secret misappropriation claim regarding a competitor’s acquisition of a competing business in China and in the Unites States;
  • A financial information provider in a federal lawsuit against a competitor who illegally gained access to our client’s computer system; and
  • An international electronics and wireless company in a misappropriation of trade secret information claim.