New York City Salary Law Amendment

May 12, 2022

On April 28, 2022, the New York City Council passed an amendment, Int. No. 134-A, to the New York City salary transparency law.  The amendment was signed into law by Mayor Adams on May 12, 2022.  The salary transparency law requires New York City employers to include minimum and maximum salary information in job postings for any positions located within New York City.

The amended law clarifies that it requires employers, employment agencies, or employees or agents thereof to include the minimum and maximum salary or hourly wage in any advertisement for a job, promotion or transfer opportunity.  The amended law reiterates that the salary range may extend from the lowest to highest annual salary or hourly wage that the employer “in good faith” believes at the time of the posting it would pay for the advertised job, promotion, or transfer opportunity.  The NYC Commission on Human Rights previously defined “good faith” to mean the salary range that the employer “honestly believes at the time they are listing the job advertisement that they are willing to pay the successful applicant(s).”

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